How to Create Youtube Channel Intro in Kinemaster green apk 2022

If you are here, it means that you are interested in video editing. There are two types of video editors, some are those who do video editing for their hobby and there are some who take it as a profession. If you have a youtube channel or you are thinking of creating a youtube channel And you are worried that how to edit your video and how to make an intro of your channel. So in today’s tutorial, I will teach you how to download your templates And how to create a good intro for your youtube channel. To do all this work, I will use kinemaster green apk. if you don’t have the green version of kinemaster then download green kinemaster apk by clicking here.

Make intro with kinemaster green apk

Get free templatets to make intro in kinemaster green:

If you are making an intro for youtube then you need a copyright-free template. The name of the website I use to find templates is pixabay. pixabay is a huge website where you can get copyright-free images, videos, music and much more. Apart from this, pexels is one such website where you can get many free templates. But if you do not understand how to select the best template for your video, then we have designed very good templates for you, the link has been provided below. Simply you have to download and from there import it in your Kine Master.

Make intro in green kinemaster apk:

First of all, you have to download the templates we have provided you and import them in your kinemaster green apk. To make any intro, it is necessary to have a logo in it. using kinemaster, you can make a very epic logo. you have to put the template in one layer and in the other layer, you have to add your channel logo. Now adjust the logo according to the movement of your template. It mostly depends on your creativity.

usage of chroma key:

Green screen plays a very important role in making the intro. And the interesting thing is that in kinemaster green apk you also get the feature of chroma key. Now let me teach you how to use chroma key in the kinemaster green apk.

press Layer and then media. Now import your green screen footage. Scale the video to 100% so that it takes up the whole screen. Now hold down the green screen track and drag it to the middle so that the transition video covers the whole cut.

Now we remove the green screen!

Press the track and scroll to Chroma Key on the right side. Click on Enable and change the capacity to 50%. If you use footage with a blue screen, press Key Color and choose the correct color. Now your intro is completed you just have to export it by clicking arrow option.

Best resolution to export intro:

If you are making an intro for your channel then I will recommend you to export your video with high resolution. If you have seen the intro of any youtube creator, its resolution and quality will be definitely very high. The reason for that is, an intro interacts with your user to subscribe to your channel. And helps you to grow your community.

I personally export my intro with 1080p “resolution” and 60 “framerate” with the bitrate of 10.10Mbps.

Some people can’t export intro in this resolution, they may face a green kinemaster export error. The reason is kinemaster green apk is not compatible with your mobile. If you have old mobile or your mobile speed is slow then you have to export your intro in less resolution.

The best resolution settings for export projects in slow or old mobile are “resolution” 720p, frame rate 30, and bitrate 5Mbps.


Many of our users must have the question that why should we use kinemaster Green apk only?

The answer is that I personally use this application. The reason for that is the functionalities inside it are very good. It has everything a video editor needs. With this, if we talk about its interface, its interface is very simple and beautiful. If beginners want to use this, they can easily understand its interface and can edit their videos very easily. If you have not use this application yet, then you can use it by downloading it for free from our website.

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