How to do photo editing with kinemaster premium apk|2022 latest tutorial

There are many applications available for picture editing on the play store. Of these, alight motion and cap cut are very famous. But today, we are going to talk about Kinemaster. With kinemaster premium, you can convert a picture into a video. If you want to make a WhatsApp status on your photo, then kinemaster is the perfect option. In this post, you will learn how to do photo editing using the kinemaster premium apk.

Photo Moving Video Editing In Kinemaster pro apk

You must have seen photo-moving videos on social media. The photo starts from one side and goes to the other with stunning transition effects. Let’s learn how to do this type of editing in Kine Master.

If you are making a WhatsApp status, you must select the 9:16 aspect ratio. You have to choose the picture from which you want to edit by going to media. First, you have to click on your picture layer, and then you will see the option of pan and zoom. As you can see in the picture below, you are getting two options to show here “start position” and “end position. These options help you to select your image’s start and end positions.

photo moving option in kinemaster premium

Now you have selected the movement of your pictures. Next, you need to add a transition effect to it. The transition effect I use is called Retrospection. Retrospection is a viral transition effect. And Mostly, social media Creators Use It. To use this effect, you must have the premium version of Kinemaster. But you do not need to worry about it. You can download the Kinemaster Pro apk by clicking here.

Retrospection trensition effect in kinemaster premium apk

To use effect, you will see a plus icon in the layer. You have to click on the plus icon. Here you will see an option of Get More, click on it and go into the transition effect, scroll down a bit and see Retrospection written here. You have to click on install and install it in your kinemaster. After installing it, you will start seeing it in the installed effects. When you click on it, you will be asked about the frame, and you have to select the third frame. As soon as you choose it, this effect will be added to your picture, and the translation video with a beautiful movement will become yours.

How To Create Professional Slideshow Video In Kinemaster

First, you must import all your pictures into your project, Which you want to edit. Now click on Simply Pictures, and all your photographs will start happening in the timeline below. You must set all your pictures the way you want to run your slideshow. After adding the images, you have to adjust them. If you see a black screen or some extra parts in your picture, you must eliminate them. To destroy this, you will zoom your image. When you click on your picture in the timeline, you will see the option of pan and zoom. From there, you have to zoom your video. With this effect, you can also set the movement of your picture.

Now you have to select the timer of each of your pictures and how long one of your pictures will play in the slide show. After doing all these things, now you have to use different effects in them. For this, you will click on the option of Get More. As soon as you click on this option, you will reach Kinemaster’s premium store, where you will find many premium transitions and effects. Out of these, the best effects are memory lane, Day-to-Day, Artsy motion, and Retrospection. You can use any other effect that you like, but we use this effect because it is gorgeous and smooth.

top 4 transition effects to create a slideshow video including Retrospection, Artsy motion, Memory lane, and Day-to-Day

After you download all these effects, they will start showing in your clip graphics. You will use them one by one according to your picture. Here the kinemaster will also ask you about the time duration of your effect. We recommend that your translation timing should be only 2 or 3 seconds. If you keep more time than this, then it will look like you are unprofessional in this video editing. After applying all these effects, you have to watch your video once. And export it with the best quality.

Last words

So in this way, you can edit your picture in Kinemaster premium. But remember that you must have the premium version of kinemaster. And we hope you have downloaded that. If you still have some questions about this post, you can ask us in the comment below.

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