Kinemaster Diamond APK Latest Version v4.12|with all premium features

Kinemaster diamond apk is an excellent mod of Kinemaster, through which you can quickly become a professional editor with little effort. There are many video editing applications that you can find on the Google play store. Diamond Mod of Kinemaster gives you a beautiful interface, convenient tools, and unique features for free. To give your video/project a professional look, this is one of the best options to choose from.

Name KineMaster Diamond APK
CategoryVideo Editor
Kinemaster Diamond apk

The blue theme of this app attracts users itself. Its new diamond interface makes your videos more appealing and worth- watching. It comes with all its premium features unlocked, which means you don’t need to pay a single penny to enjoy this Kinemaster diamond apk.

Advantages to use Kinemaster Diamond app:

You will gain different advantages while using this app, like your end video will be watermark-free. All the paid tools are unlocked, beautiful diamond interface, the chroma key, and the premium subscription are unlocked. Once you come into this app, there is no way back because it provides so many benefits to its users, whether they are professionals or beginners. You can learn high-level editing quickly and become a professional in a brief period.

There are a lot of features that this version offers for free.

The diamond interface is not present in the official version of Kinemaster; this feature is specially designed for its diamond version. With this, you can give your video an outclass look that differentiates your project from others.

Moreover, all its premium features are unlocked already. Usually, you face many feature limitations while using other apps as they demand a paid subscription, but there is nothing like that in the Kinemaster Diamond apk. By downloading this from our given link, you can enjoy all the diamond features for free.

Kinemaster Diamond apk premium features:

No Watermark:

Watermark drops the level of your video. To remove a watermark, you have to pay some bucks. The best thing about this diamond version is that it offers no watermark on your video. As you already know that no one likes the watermark in his video. It allows you to remove watermarks and helps you customize your own watermark, which you want to add to your video.

Chroma Key Unlocked:

You can change the background of your video with its chroma key feature and customize your own screen in your project.

Blue Look:

The most significant difference in this is that its screen is blue, different from other KineMaster.

blue screen look in kinemaster diamond apk

Multiple Layers:

It supports multiple layers of video, multi-audio tracks, and background music; you can add various songs, and music of your choice to your project.

Project Ratio:

Diamond apk of Kinemaster supports all the video formats and ratios. You can make videos not only for YouTube but also for Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook by choosing the correct ratio of your choice. When you open the app and start your project, all the required ratios will appear from which you can pick any ratio of your liking.

You can give your video a 3D touch by using its 3D transition effect. Video animation effect is also available for its users/editors.

Volume Adjustment:

For the speed and volume adjustment, this app has volume and speed controls that help editors or users to adjust their video speed and volume optimization for free.

Latest Audio Editing in kinemaster diamond apk

Audio editing is very easy in Kinemaster diamond. However, in the latest version of this application, you have many new features that can improve your audio editing. For example, you have been given many premium audio clips that you can use in your videos or as background music. Let’s understand the features used in audio editing and see how you can use these features in your audio.

Volume Control_

First of all, let’s talk about volume control. When you click on your audio layer, you see the volume option. Go to the volume, and from there, you can increase or decrease the volume of your video. It automatically goes up to a hundred, and when you turn up your volume, you can increase it up to 200. But till two hundred, your voice starts getting worse.

So that’s why your recommendation setting is hundred, and you should keep it on hundred only. Along with this, you will see the option of auto volume. Here you can control your audio for headphones. As shown in the picture below, you see three options: Left, right, and pitch. If you put it on the left, you will get the sound only from the left headphone, And if you put it on the right, you will get the voice only on the right. Mostly such audio editing is used for romantic songs.

control volume in kinemaster diamond apk

Audio ducking_

Audio ducking is a very nice feature. In this, when you speak in your video, the background sound of your video will automatically decrease, and as soon as you stop speaking, the audio volume will increase. To use it, you see the option of audio in kinemaster blue. If you have any recorded audio and have imported it yourself, then you can use that too.

But if you want to use Kinemaster diamond audio, you will get countless audio in the kinemaster premium library. After importing audio, you have to click on your audio Layer. You will have the option of ducking here, enabling this option. After that, as soon as you use your audio clip, where you will not be speaking, the audio of the music will automatically increase, and when you speak, the volume will decrease.

Music loop_

You can use this music loop feature if your video is very long and your music is concise. To apply this, you have to click on your video layer, and here you will see the loot option under the ducking option. You have to enable this loot option, which is very simple and easy.

music loop option in kinemaster diamond

Important settings of Kinemaser Diamond:

There are some crucial settings you must need to do before downloading the kinemaster diamond apk. The advantage of these settings is that you will quickly get access to all premium features of kinemaster. Here I’m going to explain step by step.

  • Click “advanced and experimental settings” and select “continue anyway.”
kinemaster diamond apk important settings
  • Under the “advanced and experimental settings” active option “Allow export frame rates higher 30 fps.” you can also set up all the features according to your requirement.
settings of kinemaster diamond mod apk

How to Download KineMaster Diamond APK:

For your information, we let you know that this android diamond version is not available on the Google play store. But don’t worry, you can download it from our given link.

  • Firstly, just tap on the download button which we have provided you, then go to your mobile settings.
  • Secondly, after tapping on the download button, you need to enable the “unknown sources” from your mobile settings. Now, tap on the allow unknown sources option.
enable unknown sources
  • Find the downloaded file in your phone storage and open it. Then tap the install option to install this version.
  • Wait until the installation process is completed and use it for your editing purposes.

Download KineMaster Diamond APK for PC/laptop:

It is easy to edit a video on pc relatively than on mobile. Know the excellent news is that you can use the kinemaster diamond apk on your pc/laptop and explore your skill. you must have an emulator to use this diamond apk on your PC. If you do not know what an emulator is, then let me tell you that with the help of an emulator, you can use the play store on your computer. Here you can download kinemaster Diamond apk for PC.

KineMaster Diamond APK for PC

By the way, you will find many emulators on the internet. But we will recommend BlueStacks, which is free and fast. But here, the question is that how we will use the apk file in BlueStack. Know let me tell you how you can import apk files into your emulator.

  • First, install your Android emulator. If you want to use the kinemaster Basic version, you can install it from your emulator’s play store.
  • But to use diamond apk on your PC, you need to download apk file by our provided link.
  • After downloading the file, import it into the emulator and install it on your PC/laptop.

Last Words:

As this app is very convenient to use, it will give you an instant preview feature. With this feature, you can see your video without saving it and correct your editing mistakes on the spot. You can share your video anywhere directly from the app to where you like to post, so if this app offers many advantages, then what are you looking for? Just go ahead and download this Kinemaster diamond apk.


Most people use this feature to control background music. Background music is automatically lowered when you speak in your video.

Press the “sun thingy” button to stop your screen from moving. Click on editing and choose the fit on-screen option. Know your video stop moving and fit on your screen.

Yes, kinemaster diamond apk is totally safe for you.

When you export your video in Kinemaster blue, a watermark appears in your video. Using our kinemaster diamond pro apk, you will not see any watermark.

When you click on the layer of your template, a list will open in front of you on the right side. After scrolling it, you will see the option of cropping. By clicking on it, you have to select the area you want to crop and click OK. Your picture will be cropped.

If you are using our kinemaster premium blue apk, you will definitely use all effects for free.

kinemaster diamond apk is working on all android devices. It doesn’t meter you have Samsung or any other company mobile.

Click on the layer and click on the option of handwriting. Here select the option of a circle, drag your circle wherever you want to point.

Yes, kinemaster diamond premium apk is free to use.

We are providing you a Pro version of Kinemaster diamond. In this, you can easily use the feature of the chroma key.

Before adding Gif to kinemaster diamond, you must learn how to convert a video into gif. Go to this website Then click on “video to gif” and select gif to mp4. After that, click on choose file and select the option “convert gif to mp4”.

And know your gif video will be converted into mp4, so click on save and download it. Open your kinemaster blue apk, click on the video, and import your gif from the gallery. Know your “gif” will be added in the kinemaster diamond apk.

If you are using Android then you can easily connect Kine Master with your Google Drive.

It depends on your device. If your device supports 4K videos, then you can export your videos in 4K using Kinemaster.

First, let’s start from scratch by importing to KineMaster the video we want to slow down. Go to the point in time you want the slow-motion effect to start, then select your video. On the Timeline, Select the Scissors tool, then Split at playhead. Go to the point you want the slow motion to stop, then Split at the playhead again. Select the part you want to slow down, then Speed. Slide to the right so that the number will be lower; the lower it is, the slower the clip will be.

First, select the video you want to insert the voice, go back to the home menu, open the play store, tap the search bar, and type narrator voice. Download and install this application. After installing, open the app, and type the words or sentences you want. Now tap the narrator voice icon and click. You can see all the names of the select voice. You can change it later by tapping the display icon and sharing this video. If it’s okay with you, tap this share icon and click save. Type the file name, then save. Afterward, go back to kinemaster diamond, tap the audio options on the left side, scroll down, select folder narrator voice, and look for the file name we saved. Tap the add button and try it.

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