kinemaster Gold APK v5.2.9.23390.GP 2022 (latest version)

it seems to be very strange to you when you think about the kinemaster gold apk and if you are searching gold version of kinemaster then I hope you must have used the original version of kinemaster.  And this question must be in your mind that what is the difference between them. By the way, there are many such things in it different from the original version of kinemaster. And we’ve described all these things in a very good way. After reading this article there will be no question in your mind related to kinemaster gold pro apk. Let me clear you one thing that you will not get kinemaster gold from the play store. because this is not an official version of kinemaster. But there are so many amazing features that you won’t find in the original version of kinemaster. you can download kinemaster gold apk from here.

NameKineMaster Gold APK
Price Free
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Kinemaster Gold APK Important Settings:

Before taking advantage of these applications, some settings are very important to pick. We will try to give you full details about the kinemaster gold apk. So that, you do not face any issues while using it. We will provide you with all the information step by step. Just follow these steps and set up your application.

  • Step 1 : below you will see the icon of settings click on setting and select device capability information. And chose maximum export resolution and click update.
important settings of kinemaster gold apk
  • Step 2 : Under the advanced option you will see advanced and experimental settings select this and then click continue Anyway. after this two layers appear on these two options.
  • Step 3 : at the end, you have to click on the plus item and then select an empty project. After that golden and beautiful interface of the kinemaster gold apk will be displayed in front of you.

What’s new in kinemaster gold apk

This is a strong question that what is the difference in this mod of kinemaster and why do we consider using it.  What’s new in this mod. Here is some feature of kinemaster gold apk.


As its name is gold apk it is obvious that its interface will also be gold and it’s very easy to understand. Looking at its interface. You can explore a lot more things.

kineMaster Gold APK latest version

No watermark

If you download kinemaster from the play store and when you export your videos, a bad watermark will appear in your video. But in this apk, you can export all your videos without a watermark.

Premium Features

You will find a premium gallery for free. Premium Audio, Video,  Images, Animation, and Colors all are free. Even it has more colors than the official kinemaster.

Kinemaster gold Auto Back Problem (100% fixed)

The auto problem means when you are editing a project in kinemaster gold, your project automatically backs up, and you go back to your golden kinemaster home screen. Here I am telling you the trick, it 100% works, and you will never have to face this kind of problem again. Follow these steps and apply them to your kinemaster gold. In Kinemaster, you first go to Settings and click on Device Capability Information. Here you see all the information about your devices, such as your video’s frame rate or video export quality.

On the top right side, you will see three dots. By clicking on there, you have to click on “run analysis now.” After the analysis is complete, you have to click on Settings again and go to Advanced and Experimental Settings. Here you have to turn on “Allow export frame rate up to 60fps.” At the bottom of this setting, you will see an option “Allow import framerate up to 240 fps.” you don’t have to click here, Because You won’t export any video if this option is on. That may be an issue that your video goes back again. After these settings, there is a lot of chance that you will not face this error again.

Is it best for social media creators?

you can make stunning videos with this kinemaster gold APK. A YouTuber needs the stuff to edit video like professionals and all the stuff related to editing is available in it. You can easily crop edit and trim your videos also there are many kinds of text fonts in it with lots of color combinations. You can directly upload your videos on social media Which is very cool.

How to Download Kinemaster Gold APK?

Click the download button that we provided you. When your download is done then click on the install button after completing the installation process open the app and set up your kinemaster gold mod apk as we told you above.

So now your kinemaster gold mod apk will be installed and settings are done. so what are you waiting for start making glorious videos and go viral.

Last Words

I hope this article is very beneficial for you and it will also help you to make your project very cool and interesting. And if you are a beginner then this simple interface gold apk is best for you to explore your creativity. if you want to use kinemaster pro mod apk you can download it by clicking here. Wish you all the best.


The simple interface represents that it is very easy to use.

This file is 100% working and safe for you.

We can easily merge videos in KineMaster gold apk, go to media browser and select videos which you want to merge and that’s it.

Obviously we can add gif through KineMaster gold apk in our videos. Golden KineMaster has its own gif in media option but if you want to export gif from gallery you can also do this.