How to edit cinematic videos with kinemaster pro apk

You must have seen many such creators on youtube or Tik Tok who make cinematic videos and get millions of views. when you watch these videos on youtube it looks like it is very difficult to edit and it will require very heavy skills. But editing this type of video is not so difficult, if you have Kine Master Pro APK, then you can easily edit these types of videos. If you want to make cinematic videos and you don’t know how to make them, then today’s tutorial is for you because here I will tell you how to create stunning cinematic videos with kinemaster pro apk.

cinematic videos with Smartphone:

You can also record video from your mobile phone to make your own cinematic video or you will also get all the transitions from YouTube but here I will tell you how you can shoot cinematic videos with your smartphone.

make cinematic videos with kinemaster mod apk
  • Step1_ Using Max Settings:

If you are going to create a cinematic video then obviously you are going to edit them in the post-production. So, if you capture your videos in high quality then after editing & rendering there will be no quality loss. If you want to use any kind of smartphone then firstly make sure to put the camera settings in the highest available option.

  • Step2_ Using Slides:

Now there are two types of slides, one is horizontal and the other one is vertical. you have to keep in mind whenever you capture cinematic videos, you have to use slides to make an engagement to your video and to the audience. To do this thing you have to simply hold your phone in a steady way after that, in which direction you want to plan just move your device with the flow.

use slides for cinematic video
  • Step3_ Following Motion:

Now, step number 3 is following motion and putting together similar and meaningful types of videos. I personally saw a lot of people who, just paste random clips one after another. But that is not a cinematic video and does not make any sense, and that does not even make any meaningful thing also. so whenever you capture a cinematic video you have to put your heart and soul entirely focus on that video at the end when you will re-check your footage, you will be able to create amazing cinematic videos.

Edit cinematic video using kinemaster mod apk:

There will be many people whose camera result will not be good. The most important thing for cinematic Videos is the quality of the video. so if you don’t have a good mobile then you can get free cinematic videos templates. You will easily find many such templates on YouTube. Now the important thing is how to use these templates.

So first of all open your kinemaster and select the aspect ratio 16:9. If you shoot your video yourself then you have to trim the main part of your video with moves. And if you are using a template from youtube, then trim the video with the best cinematic moves, And adjust the video according to scene movement.

here is the step by step video tutorial on how you can create cinematic videos:

Does we need a proper skill for making cinematic videos:

A cinematic video is video footage that looks like a scene. Cinematic videos are usually captured with a handheld camera. The main idea for the video is to help the viewer feel like they are watching a movie. The music, visuals, and sounds help add to the effect of cinematic video. Heavy software like Adobe Illustrator is used to edit these types of videos, and you must-have some video editing skills for them.

All these things are compulsory if you want to edit a professional cinematic video. But if you want to edit your own videos or WhatsApp status then kinemaster premium mod apk is the best option for you.

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