Black Kinemaster Pro apk with Premium Features (No watermark)

Indeed, there is something very unique about kinemaster and its modified version. People want to know more about them and use all different versions with so much interest. Dark Kinemaster apk is a changed version of kinemaster with an amazing interface and mind-blowing features. Here, we will discuss all the essential information related to black kinemaster Apk. Stay here with us and take all the answers to your queries from here. 

NameKinemaster Black APK
categoryVideo Editing
Black kinemaster pro apk

Benifits of Kinemaster black apk?

Dark Kinemaster is a changed version of kinemaster that has a fantastic interface and mind-blowing features. The developers of this app added extraordinary cool features, which a user definitely loves to use and create content with the help of this black version. So, if you also want to cherish its uniqueness, go forward and click the button below and download kinemaster black apk.

We know some questions frequently appear in your mind, like, will you be able to make your videos without worrying about a watermark? Is this app giving all the premium features for free? Is this version safe to use? Yes, this convenient version has all the premium features for free. You don’t have to pay a single penny to gain its free subscription. If you are a beginner, then this problem is almost solved.

Features of Dark Kinemaster:

Millions of people use black kinemaster is just because of its cool features. it helps a lot to make your project easier. let’s talk about its features.

Dark look_

Usually, people love to use the black color because there is an attraction in it. If your favorite color is black then this modified version is for you as not only its interface is black but it also comes with eye-catching black themes and features.

Watermark free_

There is a reason behind this why people hate watermarks. because of the watermark, your user’s trust flow is decreased. but the good thing is that kinemaster black will export your videos without any watermark

4k resolution_

The resolution of a video determines how clear the video appears to the viewer. This clarity is determined by pixels or the number of dots in each image. A 4K resolution is the current top resolution, typically an ultra-high-definition. With kinemaster black, you can export videos with high-quality resolution.

4k video resolution in kinemaster black

Coloures effects_

Suppose you want to get more views on your video or more viral on social media. In that case, you need to use beautiful colors effects in your video. in this black version of kinemaster you have different options to use different colors effects in your videos. It provides you with a lot of colors combinations.

Does kinemaster black apk support short videos:

Usually, users love to make short-term videos with kinemaster black. We have used kinemaster for our TikTok videos, which have been a great experience. In kinemaster, you get different transition effects and text fonts with varying combinations of color, making your short videos more attractive. When you open kinemaster, it asks you for aspect ratio, in which aspect ratio you want to edit your videos. If you’re going to create an Instagram story or Tiktok videos, then selecting a 9:16 aspect ratio is best.

Why chosing kinemaster black:

There are many modes of kinemaster. Some people use kinemaster diamond, and some users use kinemaster green apk, but I prefer to use kinemaster black apk if your favorite color is black. Also, it has many great features that help you take your project next level.

Advance Colour Gradings in Dark Kinemaster:

Now, I am going to show you the top 4 color gradings that you can use in your project.

Ist Effect_

To apply the first effect go-to color filters here in basics, you can find B10 select it. Now go to adjustment and increase the contrast by + 23, then decrease the shadows to -6. After that, increase the vibrance to + 90. In adjustment selection, Gamma will be -10, and hue will be – 32. Now go to layers and select media to import a background. It can be any color. Now go to blending and here choose soft light and then decrease the opacity. Adjust it according to your need.

best kinemaster color effect

2nd Effent_

First, you have to select the clip and go to adjustment and increase the brightness by + 22, contrast – 61, Saturation will be – 100, and temperature will be -5. Now again, go to layers and import a background. Then go to cropping and enable mask. Here choose the circle shape and increase the feather to 50. After that, you have to increase the size of this and also don’t forget to center it and keep it on the top somewhere here. You have to change the blending mode to overlay, duplicate this layer, and change the color to pink.

3rd Effect_

Now let’s move on to the third effect, and it is the easiest among all these effects. Select the clip, go to color filters, choose warm, and then select W12. from layer, add a background and change the color to dark blue. Then in blending, change the blending mode to soft light and decrease the opacity to around 70%. You have to make a few easy adjustments to reduce the contrast to around -26. Decrease the shadows to -2 and increase the highlight by +6.

4rth Effect_

Now let’s add the last effect. Select the clip and go to the color filter. Here in cold select C07, go to adjustment, reduce the contrast to -36 and the shadows to -6. Increase the lift to + 2. Add sky glow in this.

How to Download Kinemaster Black apk:

Its downloading process is so simple and easy. You just need to click the link provided by us here. After the download process is completed, install this application.

  • First, open your mobile setting to enable “unknown resoures
  • Click on the install button and stay there for installation.
  • Lastly, the dark kinemaster is available for your editing process.

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