How to Make Rotating Logo in kinemaster pro apk

Often you must have seen the rotating logo of the news channel roaming in a very original and beautiful way. If you also want to make rotating logos, you are in the right place. If you think you need very professional software and a heavy budget for this, then you are absolutely wrong. In today’s guide, I will teach you how you can easily create these types of logos using your mobile with the help of just two applications. The two applications you have to use one is Kinemaster premium apk, and one is Picsart. You can easily download pics from the play store. It is free. The premium version of Kinemaster has been provided to you; if you have not downloaded it yet, you can download it here.

MAKE ROTATING LOGO WITH kinemaster pro apk

Now follow these steps to make an awesome logo.

In the First step, we will open the pics art application and design our logo inside it. Picsart is a very great application for designing images. Its interface is straightforward, and it is absolutely free. Millions of people are using this application for graphic design. Most people use the same application to make the shape of their logo. First, we will create people from here and then add them to Kine Master and make a 3D animated relative locale logo.

picsart application logo

Go to the plus tool and select the background of your logo. Next, you will see an option of draw in picsart. You can draw your logo by selecting that option. By going to the Shape option, you can choose any shape of your wish, whatever kind you want to make your logo, and you can design it by doing the brush option above.

After selecting the shapes of your logo, you have to add text to them. Going into the text, you have to write down the brand name of your logo. If you are making a logo for your YouTube channel, then you have to write down the name of your YouTube channel and select your best font.

These are the five most used fonts to create a professional logo.

  • Avenir
  • Agentur
  • Canela
  • Separat
  • GT America

In the text tool of the picsart application, you will see many more options like Opacity Blind and Shadow. You can use these to reduce the appearance of your image, increase the shadow or make the shadow of your image.

Step 2: Now, to rotate your video, you have to use an application called 3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper. The application is free, and you will get it quickly from the play store. By clicking here, you can download this application from the play store.

3D Photo Cube Live Wallpaper

After downloading it, you have to make some settings in it. Go to settings. After entering the settings, you must keep the cute size medium, keep the cube root one spin and keep the background tension as I have shown you in the picture. After completing the setting, you must click on the Select Background option. Going to the background, here you have to select a green background. After selecting the green background, you must add your logo. As soon as you add your logo, this application will show you two parts of your video, and you have to complete them all. And adjust according to the rotation. Once you complete all this, this application will show you your rotating logo. You will see logos rotating in different shapes. Select the rotating type you like.

In the third step, you need to open the Kinemaster premium application. Go to creative and select one by one ratio from here. Go to the layer option, and by clicking on the media option, Import your logo into kinemaster. Now you have to add a green screen background in kinemaster pro and put your logo on it. After this, you must go to the chroma key option and enable the chroma key. Your old background, which will be given to you in that application, will be removed, and a proper transparent rotating background will come to you.

Now you have to upload your logo in full HD quality.

So by following this 3-step, you can make a perfect rotating logo. The method is straightforward and described step by step. I hope this article will be helpful for you and you must have got an excellent guide from it.

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