How To Make Urdu Poetry Videos In Kinemaster diamond apk

Poetry is a beautiful form of expression that many people worldwide have used. This includes Urdu poetry, which is famous not only in Pakistan but worldwide too. Urdu poetry videos have become very popular in recent years. In this article, I’ll talk about Kinemaster diamond apk, one of the best open-source video editing application. Kinemaster diamond is easy to use and even more straightforward if you know Urdu poetry. Here is a step-by-step guide on making these videos in Kinemaster blue apk. So first you need to download kinemaster diamond apk by clicking here.

How to make urdu poetry videos in kinemaster diamond apk

Adjustment and templates:

First, you must select the picture on which you want to play Urdu Poetry. You have to choose any image you like from your gallery and import it into your kinemaster diamond apk.

After importing the picture, it’s time for the adjustments because you have to adjust your video according to the ratio. You have to select a 1:1 ratio for the video. Now, click on your image layer and find the adjustment option. Click on Adjustment, adjust your video with the help of your two fingers, and set it according to your video aspect ratio. Now you have to increase the timeline of your video a little bit. For example, if you want to keep your video for 30 seconds, you must increase your timeline by dragging it with your finger for 30 seconds.

Now you will see the Vignette option in your video’s sidebar. You have to enable the option of vignette so that a nice cute little vignette effect will come in your video. Above the vignette, you will see the option of adjustment. You have to click on it and reduce the brightness a little bit. Along with that, you also have to reduce its contrast a bit. You can make all these settings according to you, as you like it.


Now you have to come to the start of your video, and here you have to click on the layer and go to the media option. Here you have to add an Urdu Green Screen Background Template in your video with Poetry. You will find many templates for green screen backgrounds, which you can download from this website. You can also download some good Urdu poetry templates by clicking here.

After importing the green-screened template, you have to Click on the split screen option, and from here, you need to select the option of “fit to full screen.” Your video will be on full green screen as soon as you choose this option. Go to the timeline of your template again, and from there, find the Chroma Key. Open it and enable the option of chroma key. After that happens, the green screen background of your video will be removed, and your template with Urdu Poetry will appear. You have to adjust it a bit so that the green screen is completely removed. And it looks like a professional video.

Apply blending options:

To make your video most attractive, you must use a colorful template with Urdu Poetry. The template you want to use has been provided below. You have to download that template and import it into your kinemaster diamond. You must select that template by going to media and adding it to your project. Now you have to click on the timeline of your project and go to the Blending Option. You have to select the screen effect by going to the blending option as soon as you choose the effect of your video. Your video will be blended and shown in a beautiful style with different colors.

The Colorful Template that was Provided to you is too Long. You must use it according to your project and trim the rest of the options. You have to click on the timeline, and on the right side, you will see the option of Caesar. By clicking there, you have to cut it.

Last words:

Everything you need to make an Urdu poetry video has been provided to you. After reading this article, I hope all your doubts about Kinemaster diamond to make an Urdu Poetry video will be cleared. You must have the premium version of blue Kinemaster to make this kind of video. If you don’t have the premium version of kinemaster diamond apk, you won’t be able to use the chroma key very often. You can download the premium version of kinemaster blue from our website, where you are given all the premium access without any watermark.


Yes, all the templates provided to you are working and safe. You can use all these templates anywhere and will not face copyright strikes.

The interface of Kinemaster blue is straightforward. You have to click on your project’s timeline. A new popup window opens in front of you. You have to scroll a little, and then you will see the blending mode option.

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